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Abstract if the Returns made to the Board of Trade of Wrecks, Casualties, and Collisions


which occurred on and near the coasts of the United Kingdom, from the 1st January to the 31st December 1870;

with particulars of lives lost; also……on or near the coasts of the Channel Islands and the British Possessions Abroad; and…….wrecks, casualties, and collisions which occurred to British vessels at sea and on and near the coasts of foreign countries;

[together with statements of the official inquiries into the causes of wrecks, etc. and statements showing the lives saved, rewards for salvage of life, contributions towards the maintenance of life boats, etc.,]


London,HMSO, 1871.




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folio [33x21cm]. ppiv 149. 5 folding coloured wreck charts for the British Isles, England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the world.

good clean condition in modern card covers.