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  • £15.00

    Cunard Line, a post war history

    by W.H. Mitchell


    Marinart, 1975.

    a scarce little history on the Cunard line and its ships from the late 1940’s to the early 70’s

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  • £10.00

    Canadian Pacific Afloat 1883-1968

    a short history and fleet list.


    revised edition.


    by George Musk


    published by the company, 1968.

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  • £15.00

    Algoma Central Railway

    by O.S. Nock


    A & C Black, 1975.

    includes the Great Lakes shipping side of the railway operation

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  • £500.00

    Souvenirs de Marine

    collection de plans ou dessins de navires et de bateaux anciens ou modernes,

    existants ou disparus, avec les élements numériques nécessaires a leur construction


    by  Vice-Amiral Francois-Edmond Paris


    Grenoble, Editions Des 4 Seigneurs, 1975.


    a fine facsimile reprint of the famous 1892-1908 work, reproducing all of the 360 plates, which in turn illustrate several thousand craft. limited to 1700 sets.


    please note that these are very heavy books and we will need to charge extra shipping costs for overseas orders  –  please ask for details


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  • £10.00

    White Ships

    by R.M. Parsons


    Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, 1982.


    a short illustrated history of the banana trade and the port of Bristol.

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  • £10.00

    Sprits’l, a portrait of sailing barges and sailormen

    by Richard-Hugh Perks


    Conway Maritime, 1975.


    a well illustrated record of the east coast sailing barges and sailormen.

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  • £1,975.00

    Shipbuilding, theoretical and practical

    edited by W.J.MacQuorn Rankine


    London, William MacKenzie, 1866.


    the authoritative text by Isaac Watts, W.J.M.Rankine, Frederick K.Barnes, and James Robert Napier, is followed by a series of forty-five fine engraved plates, many double-page or folding out, “from drawings furnished by some of the most eminent British shipbuilders”.


    the work was designed to form a ‘complete system of information on the art of shipbuilding, and on the scientific principles on which it is founded’;


    arranged under seven divisions: Hydraulics of Shipbuilding. Geometry of Shipbuilding. Strength of Materials as applied to Shipbuilding. Practical Shipbuilding. Masts, Sails, and Rigging. Marine Steam Engineering. Shipbuilding for purposes of War.

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  • £15.00

    Deutschlands Handelsflotte 1970

    by Karl-Heinz Schwadtke


    Munchen, J F Lehmanns, 1970.


    details and silhouette illustrations of the ships of the German merchant marine in 1968.


    German text.

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  • £125.00

    Motor Ship volume 10, April 1929 – March 1930

    London, The Temple Press, 1929-30.


    a wonderful picture of the shipbuilding and merchant shipping scene of the late 1920’s.


    illustrated with a wealth of folding and other plans and photographs.

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