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  • £20.00

    History of the Practice of Navigation

    by  Commander J.B. Hewson

    Brown, Son & Ferguson, 1983.

    an authoritative history tracing the evolution of ocean navigation.

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  • £10.00

    Glossary of Navigation, a vade mecum for practical navigators

    by Rev. J.B. Harbord


    Brown, Son & Ferguson, 1943.


    4th edition, revised and enlarged.

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  • £125.00

    Norwegian Coastal Charts

    A Collection of 1920’s / 30’s Norwegian Coastal Charts issued by the Norwegian Geographic Survey

    11 large nautical charts, dissected and mounted on linen. measuring 120x78cm or thereabouts. some staining and some tears at the folds, but generally in good condition.


    with a few vignette illustrations of lighthouses and beacons, and hand-colour features showing lights and light beam sectors.


    concentrating on the northern coast, with the following identification numbers:

    68, fra Steigen til Tranoy.

    69, fra Tranoy til Raftsuns og Fjeldsund.

    70, fra Rost til Vaeroy.

    71, fra Vaeroy til Lofotodden.

    72, fra Lofotodden til Ure.

    73, fra Ure til Brettesnes.

    77, fra Fjeldsund til Harstad og Lavangen.

    79, fra Harstad og Kvaefjord til Risoysund og Senjen.

    80, fra Harstad og Sjoveien til Dyroy. 81, fra Nordmjele til Andenes og Dverberg.

    82, Andoy.

    plus two others out of sequence, ‘230’, Tysfjorden og Ofotfjorden. ‘311’, fra Stott til Andenes.

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  • £15.00

    Sea Chart, the illustrated history of nautical maps and navigational charts

    by John Blake


    Conway, 2009.


    a splendid history in words and pictures. fully illustrated in colour.

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  • £35.00

    Treatise on Navigation for the use of students

    by John Merrifield


    London, Longmans, Green, 1883.


    the author was Head Master of the Navigation School in Plymouth

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  • £48.00

    Treatise on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy

    by  Staff-Commander W.R. Martin, R.N.


    London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1888.


    sanctioned for use in the Royal Navy by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. scarce in First Edition form


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  • £95.00

    Uniform System of Buoyage

    Report of the Conference appointed to consider the proposal for a uniform system of buoyage for the United Kingdom. together with the minutes of evidence and appendices


    London, printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1883.




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  • £25.00

    Sailing Directions for the Coasts of France, Belgium, and Holland

    from Cape Grisnez to the River Elbe;

    and for the west coast of Jutland, to the Scaw; also for the coast of Norway, from he Naze to Christiania and Drontheim

    London, Charles Wilson, 1867.


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  • £450.00

    New American Practical Navigator

    being an Epitome of Navigation; containing all the table necessary to be used with the Nautical Almanac, in determining the latitude; and the longitude by lunar observations; and keeping a complete reckoning at sea.

    illustrated by proper rules and examples. the whole exemplified in a Journal kept from Boston to Madeira, in which all the rules of navigation are introduced.

    also, the demonstration of the most useful rules of trigonometry: with many problems in mensuration, surveying and gauging: and a Dictionary of Sea Terms; with the manner of performing the most common Evolutions at Sea.

    with an appendix, containing methods of calculating eclipses of the sun and moon.


    by Nathaniel Bowditch


    New York, printed for the proprietor by Edmund M. Blunt, 1811


    third edition



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