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  • £375.00

    Yachtsman’s Annual and General Register

    Bonner, George Frederick
    London, Orger and Meryon, 1845

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  • £575.00

    Houseboats and Houseboating

    edited by Albert Bradlee Hunt


    New York,  Forest and Stream Publishing Company, 1905


    a very scarce book, and one of the first on the subject, written with the purpose of “making known the opportunities American waters afford for enjoyment of the houseboating life

    to present in an adequate measure the development which houseboating has attained in this country

    to set forth the qualities of the houseboat in such a truthful picturing that a larger number of people may be prompted to prove for themselves its advantages and delights”.

    Predominantly America based, but also covers houseboats on the Thames and Oxford college barges.

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  • £850.00

    Yacht Racing on The Clyde, Season 1897

    Maclure MacDonald & Co., Glasgow, 1897.


    one of the volumes from this excellent annual series of yachting photographs illustrating the season’s racing on the Clyde.


    60 wonderful full-plate photographs taken by the Glasgow firm of photographers and printers MacLure, MacDonald & Co., that vividly re-create the whole range of the Clyde yacht racing scene at the end of the 19th century, from the Big Class yachts to tiny 19-footers

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  • £950.00

    Yacht Racing on the Clyde from 1883 to 1890

    reproduced from photographs by W.J. Finlayson

    MacLure, MacDonald & Co., Glasgow, [1890].


    75 splendid photographic prints depicting Clyde racing yachts through the 1880’s, with introduction and descriptive notes by James Meikle.

    a scarce and handsome volume

    [in some ways the fore-runner of the ‘Yacht Racing on the Clyde’ series of photographic annuals]

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  • £2,250.00

    Famous Clyde Yachts

    by Meikle & Shields


    Oatts & Runciman, Glasgow & London, 1888



    one of the most sought-after books in the field of yachting literature, this superb volume contains a series of thirty-one chromolithograph plates reproduced from paintings by Henry Shields, depicting a range of Clyde yachts, from the 100-ft+ giants to the 15′, 17′ and 19′ class of small racing yachts.


    Each plate is accompanied by the text of James Meikle, one of the leading yachting correspondents of the day, describing the yacht and recording her racing career, etc.

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