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  • £35.00

    Small Boat Sailing. [First Edition]

    an explanation of the management of small yachts, half-decked and open sailing-boats of various rigs; sailing on sea and river; cruising, etc.

    Knight, E.F.

    John Murray, 1901.

    the scarce First Edition of this standard early 20th century yachting manual.

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  • £25.00


    by Robert C. Leslie


    Chapman & Hall, 1894.


    the scarce original edition of these delightful reminiscences of 19th century south coast yachting, mostly in the tiny “Foam”. illustrated by the author, who was also a renowned artist.

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  • £35.00

    Down Channel

    by R.T. McMullen


    revised edition with introduction by Dixon Kemp.

    Horace Cox, 1893.

    south coast and channel sailing in “Leo”, “Sirius”, “Orion”, “Procyon”, and “Perseus”.

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  • £950.00

    Yacht Racing on the Clyde from 1883 to 1890

    reproduced from photographs by W.J. Finlayson

    MacLure, MacDonald & Co., Glasgow, [1890].


    75 splendid photographic prints depicting Clyde racing yachts through the 1880’s, with introduction and descriptive notes by James Meikle.

    a scarce and handsome volume

    [in some ways the fore-runner of the ‘Yacht Racing on the Clyde’ series of photographic annuals]

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  • £850.00

    Yacht Racing on The Clyde, Season 1897

    Maclure MacDonald & Co., Glasgow, 1897.


    one of the volumes from this excellent annual series of yachting photographs illustrating the season’s racing on the Clyde.


    60 wonderful full-plate photographs taken by the Glasgow firm of photographers and printers MacLure, MacDonald & Co., that vividly re-create the whole range of the Clyde yacht racing scene at the end of the 19th century, from the Big Class yachts to tiny 19-footers

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  • £75.00

    Amateur Sailing in Open & Half-Decked Boats

    by Tyrrel E Biddle


    London, Norie & Wilson, 1886.


    a delightful late 19th-century manual

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  • £30.00

    Sailing Tours:…. Part V [5]

    the west coasts of Scotland, the Orkneys, and the west coast of the North Sea.

    containing descriptions of every creek, harbour and roadstead, suitable for yachting purposes, from the Mull of Galloway to Duncansby Head, with a brief account of the coast from the Orkneys to the Thames

    (The Mull of Galloway to the Thames)


    by Frank Cowper


    Ashford Press, 1985.


    a facsimile reprint of the original 1896 edition of the Scottish volume.

    new introduction by John Leather.

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  • £45.00

    Down Channel in “Vivette”

    by E. Keble Chatterton


    Sidgwick & Jackson, 1910.


    the first of two ‘Vivette’ titles, recounting cruises from the Thames Estuary to Falmouth in the 4-tonner gaff-cutter.

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  • £5.00


    Patent Specification submitted by Herbert Wynne Fairbrass


    London, 1895.


    disbound. 4 pages of text and 2 sheets of drawings.

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  • £38.00

    Down Channel

    revised edition with introduction by Dixon Kemp.



    by R.T. McMullen


    Horace Cox, 1893.


    south coast and channel sailing in “Leo”, “Sirius”, “Orion”, “Procyon”, and “Perseus”.

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  • £20.00

    Sacred Cowes, or the cream of yachting society

    by Anthony Heckstall-Smith


    London, Anthony Blond, 1965.


    an entertaining history of the upper echelons of the yachting world and the Royal Yacht Squadron in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

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  • £15.00

    Down Channel

    by R.T. McMullen


    Allen & Unwin, 1931.


    classic yachting title recounting south coast and channel sailing in “Leo”, “Sirius”, “Orion”, “Procyon”, and “Perseus”.

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  • £65.00

    Sea-Painter’s Log

    Leslie, Robert C.


    Chapman & Hall, 1886.


    delightful reminiscences of 19th century south coast yachting and boat fishing, together with other maritime observations and reflections. illustrated with 12 reproductions of the author’s paintings.

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  • £175.00

    Our Cruise in the Undine

    the journal of an English pair-oar expedition through France, Baden, Rhenish Bavaria, Prussia, and Belgium.

    by The Captain


    Harvey, E.G.


    London, John W. Parker & Son, 1854.

    a delightful, plainly written with lots of practical detail, account of a three man cruise in a pair-oar craft identical to the ‘Water Lily’ that had recently been rowed on the Rhine and Danube.

    The voyage started at Paris and finished at Cologne and the route included sections of the Seine, Yonne, Armancon, Doubs, Rhone and Rhine Canal, and Rhine, with the early and latter parts of the journey being completed by train

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  • £50.00

    Yacht Sailor: a treatise on practical seamanship, cruising and racing

    with notes and additional chapters by a Clyde Yachtsman




    Hunt & Co., 1888.


    ‘Vanderdecken’ was the pseudonym of the yachting journalist William Cooper, and this popular Victorian manual contains full information for the amateur yachtsman on the practicalities of yachting and yacht racing.

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